Lone Star Kickball Open Rankings Pre-Tournament


Monday, April 22, 2013 8:04 AM
By andy
Hold the presses! It's here! (Better late than never!)


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New York Shower Hammers New York City, NY
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Last Poll: 1
The defending LSKO Champs are looking to jump back into the tier 1 discussion of top teams. A tourney win amongst this improved field of LSKO 2013 teams would do the trick. (Southwest #1)
Sofa King Good Los Angeles, CA
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Last Poll: 2
Coming off of a relatively easy but talent stacked BOTW, SOFA still has a lot to prove to the rest of 365 Community and I think this is where they do it. They don't have to win it to prove themselves but they sure as hell need to make the final four. Anything less would be a failure, especially with their cakewalk of a pool. Tyler and Max are bringing a full squad and in my opinion, they will have the most balanced team in Austin. (Midwest #1)
JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 3
JKI's first tournament with their revamped lineup. These additions should finally give JKI the offensive pieces they've been lacking to make a comfortable run at the title. Finals or bust for this to be a successful tournament. (Southeast #1)
Relax and Lock it Up state,
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Last Poll: 4
RALIU will look to kick the elim blues and make a run at the championship. They are, at the least, a final four team but I'm not sure they have to fire power to win it all. (Mid-Atlantic)
C U Next Tournament ,
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Last Poll: 5
Will this Rainbow Coalition of East Coasters come out to win or will they come out to party? I've only met him once but Casey will take this combination and make it the best that it can be with his coaching skills. Will missing an elite 1,2 be their downfall or will they take advantage of the swirling winds and surprise teams with some kicks to start off their games? That would make them a dangerous team with their amount of talented kickers. (Midwest #1)
Brew Crew Cartel Long Beach, CA
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Last Poll: 6
Sergio and Vince are finally bringing this team out of California! They have added the so-called 2nd best offensive player in Arizona and will have one of the best shutdown infields in Austin with Vince and Arno leading the charge. Outfield is a known issue for them and that can really hurt them being in a pool with C.U.N.T and a Legit team that like to kick. Listen for Sergio coaching his team in every aspect and fixing issues on the fly. (Midwest #1)
El Guapo Kansas City, MO
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Last Poll: 7
Everybodys favorite midwesterners back to improve and their performance last year, where they gained some respect ad showed they were really close to breaking through to the next level. (West)
The Gargyles Orange County, CA
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Last Poll: 8
This team reached the final 4 of BotW (beating BCC in the process) without their best player. They're a west coast team not named SKG or BCC, so "naturally" they have zero expectation... You'll regret it if you sleep on them. (Southwest #1)
Legit Orlando, FL
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Last Poll: 9
Legit picked up a signature win at SFKO, then got their doors blown off in COT. Will they be ready to rebound or will be a late lunch and early beers for Orlando's team? (Northeastern #2)

Also Receiving Votes: Sweet Brown, Candy Van

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1 New York Shower Hammers New York City, NY 64 3
2 Sofa King Good Los Angeles, CA 61 2
3 JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL 59 2
4 Relax and Lock it Up state, 44 1
5 C U Next Tournament , 39 0
6 Brew Crew Cartel Long Beach, CA 37 0
7 El Guapo Kansas City, MO 15 0
8 The Gargyles Orange County, CA 14 0
9 Sweet Brown 9 0

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